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It's Easy to get Started

It's Easy to get Started


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After hearing so much about this business, I decided to visit the place with a simple work order for them. Prior to my visit, Founder/Co-Owner Ken Brown gave me a good orientation via emails and his clear explanation of my options convinced me to show up personally. (He gave me some free tech tips as well.) The price for my order was cheaper than I had expected and it will be ready before I know it. Now I'm motivated to organize my personal materials so they can scan them with the latest equipment and with a dosage of professionalism. Dr. Steve C. Baldwin, CEO of Deaf Television Foundation.
Steve Baldwin
Steve Baldwin
03:23 30 Aug 18
They've been amazing. Extremely easy setup. Great customer support.
KJ Price
KJ Price
01:36 21 Aug 18
When is the last time you could rely on a business for consistency?The team at Scan Mailboxes has always surpassed my expectations for the services they've provided me. It's a team that's more reliable than clockwork!Side note, I'm blind, and they always went the extra mile to make my life easier and keep me happy. You guys are a model of hard work, and I'm glad you can still think and function with so much human touch in everything you do.Sending the team love and all my good wishes for 2018. Thank you to Ken for always making me feel special.
13:12 05 Jan 18
I've had my awesome scan mailbox for about 3 years now. Best decision I ever made! I love the fact that I can travel and still have access to my snail mail. Friends still send me post cards and I get those in my email and then later ask things to be forwarded in bulk to my home address. Super convenient and staff is super helpful! Thanks
Guillermo Cabrera
Guillermo Cabrera
18:56 15 Jan 18
I have used them for close to 3 years now with no headaches. I am very happy with their service and customer care.
Yemi A
Yemi A
13:56 11 Apr 18
This is by far the best service and best value mailbox service I’ve ever used. My husband and I have been customers over a year now. Not only do the receive your mail, but they will scan it as it comes in, or just certain items, and forward it to where you wish. Nice app also. Easy scheduling for pickup. Will never go anywhere else!
Maria Maria
Maria Maria
21:33 14 Jan 19
Excellent service and staff! I have used their service for over 5 years now.
Brian S
Brian S
22:21 10 Jun 19
Have used their services ( from Mexico) for over a year and the service is great!,,
Jerry Burden
Jerry Burden
17:28 28 Aug 19
I've changed addresses several times over the last few years and travel extensively. Scan Mailboxes has made it easy to keep up with important banking, tax and business mail. Customer service has been top notch and they often reply within minutes by text.
Jesse Barlow
Jesse Barlow
03:10 13 Feb 20
Great service n customer service. I can tell they care about their customer's satisfaction. I'm happy I changed my address from traveling mailbox to try scan mailboxes
Dolce Vida
Dolce Vida
04:24 14 Nov 15
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Armadillo Awards | 2015 New Local Business Finalist

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