How do I archive or delete an item in my mailbox account?

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Before you can archive or delete an item in your mailbox account, you will be required to do one of the FINAL ACTION requests:

  1. Shred
  2. Forward
  3. Pickup

Once one of those action requests is completed, that’s when you’ll be able to archive or deleteÊthem. This confirms that we do no longer have any of your mail pieces in our office and storage fees, if any, will not be charged to your account.

If you archive them, you’ll be able to access your scanned images at no additional cost as long as your account is in good standing. It is highly recommended to download the scanned images as PDF to your computer or your cloud storage such as Google, just in case.

If you mark them to be deleted, it will be moved into the TRASH folder and after 30 days, that item will be automatically purged from the trash folder.

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