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What should I be aware about doing the permanent change-of-address with the USPS?

Note: This affects PERMANENT change-of-address only. Scan Mailboxes is a Commerical Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA).

After you decide to cancel the service with Scan Mailboxes, please be aware that you won’t be able to do the change-of-address with the USPS from your “old” Scan Mailboxes mailing address to your new address. This is part of the USPS regulations and we believe that this is due to the security which is a good idea, anyway!

If you decide to do the permanent change-of-address, you should keep a copy of your confirmation number from the USPS via email and/or letter and you can cancel the change-of-address before the one-year anniversary. After that is done, you can place a new change-of-address from your OLD mailing address (not your Scan Mailboxes mailing address) to your NEW address.

If the change-of-address is over one year and is too late for you to cancel the change-of-address. Here’s the best possible solution before closing your Scan Mailboxes account for good:

  1. Please let each sender know your new mailing address as new mail arrives in your Scan Mailboxes account.
  2. Keep your Scan Mailboxes account open for a month or two until you start to notice that there’s no mail in your account.
  3. That’s when you can request to cancel the service by going here:
  4. We care about your mail need and believe you should not be surprised about this restriction on the change-of-address rule set by the USPS.